CPC is the central computer in control of all the robotic hardware and infrastructure inside the interstellar ark ship Centauri Princess.

CPC is short for 'Centauri Princess central intelligence' a name which has been with it since the Ark first departed from Earth 2,000 years ago. The computer has advanced speech capabilities for interacting well with humans and has photovisual interface with its surroundings (i.e. the ability to "see") as well as a full range of AI remote sensing capabilities. It's prime function is to maintain control of all things related to the successful operation of the biosphere, like environomental management across the interior.

CPC is responsible for adjusting the lighting and heating system across the miniature world; it also has sensory interface with the interior for controlling the ark ship's 24-hour day/night cycle and also its yearly seasonality cycle. In fact, its pretty much in charge of every facet of the biosphere's functioning, including co-ordination of weatherbots and nav platforms.

Much of the memory units and physical hardware of CPC resides within the Navigation and Control Complex, three miles outside of Utopia.

Whereas a lot of the modules within CPC can be altered by senior personnel working in the Navigation and Control Complex, some modules are permanently hardwired as R/O (read only). For example, the Centauri Princess' statute book for keeping law and order within the various communities is non-negotiable, its contents preserved in fixed format across the millennia and dating back to the original 23rd century creators of the ark; the the crew cannot mess with it. This was exemplified in the judicial process of the sentencing of Sharuk Rashid in Chapter 7 of First Ark to Alpha Centauri.

The following are some of the peripheral devices and hardware that are interfaced with CPC:-

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