Chad (aka Ice Planet Delta) is a dwarf planet featured in A. Ahad's First Ark to Alpha Centauri 2 : The True Price of Immortality.

It is a moon which was originally orbiting a planet known as Pritibee, that existed in the early universe long before the birth of our Sun and the Solar System. The planetoid, of about 2,000 miles in diameter, is a frozen relic orbiting the Sun at an astonishingly far distance of some 14,000 astronomical units inside the Oort cloud (one astronomical unit is defined to be about 93 million miles, the average distance between the Earth and the Sun). It was first encountered by a nav platform launched from the Centauri Princess, and later intercepted by a mining expedition.

Origins Edit

Going far back into time, Chad has its originis in the globular cluster M15, in a bounded orbit around a planet circling on the outer fringes of the cluster before a black hole advanced into the vicinity.

The origins of this object are described in Chapter 1 : The Planet of a Million Suns in the second novel in the First Ark series.

The City of Lights Edit

The "City of Lights" is the name given to the mysterious dwellings found on the surface of Chad by the colony crew from the Centauri Princess

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