Dr Dermot Azura is an astronomer and interstellar navigator who is frequently stationed at the Deep Space Telescope Facility in an outer deck of the Centauri Princess.

Azura is a member of the starship's Mission Management Committee, and as with Zakarov, he reports directly to Zed Lincoln.

Azura and his small team monitor the Ark ship's long range strategic direction as she flies through space. They control the four fully steerable large optical telescopes mounted on the exterior of the starship, and have visibility of extrasolar planets circling in the Alpha Centauri system and elsewhere in the surrounding cosmos. 

When Joey visits Azura's distant laboratory, he becomes overwhelmed by the important scientific discoveries the team have made concerning the likely origination of Wolf Angels from a double planet circling Alpha Centauri A.

Towards the end of the book, Azura is one of the four astronauts chosen to go on a daring out-of-Ark excursion (named "Operation Energy Barrier") to install electromagnetic generator shielding around the body of the Centauri Princess. In a vicious attack by the Wolf Angels, he is killed, sending his space shuttle loose from its tethered anchor and spiralling away into the void.

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