Centauri Princess Rice Fields

Rice fields appear lush green in the Farming Complex

The Farming Complex is an area of land set aside for astroculture in the Lower Province of the starship Centauri Princess.

The complex is perimetered by a wall of titanium alloy, enclosing nearly 5 square miles of arable farmland, mainly marsh-like rice fields dotted with domed enclosures for poultry farming and specialised indoor crops. It is served by a highway, known as the A3, going all the way up to Utopia in the Upper Province.

At the center of the complex, there is a village street comprised of 22 wooden-built houses and adjoining barns, where the Farming Complex's employee population live.

Karyn Colaco runs a training school for would-be horse riders, which is in the same street at the center of the complex.

At the height of the Wolf Angels syndrome, the Farming Complex's entire 200 strong horse population was wiped out in one vicious attack.

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