Synopsis of the Proposed Movie Edit

First Ark to Alpha Centauri was initially envisioned by its author to be a feature length, multi episode motion picture with the following synopsis:

On a voyage spanning 50,000 years, the Centauri Princess's lonely occupants experience a series of psychologically disturbing nightmares induced by the cosmic darkness all around the ship... Inside the colossal sized vessel, a small-town community enjoys a totally Earth-like livelihood with thousands of acres of picturesque pine forests, "exotic" weather and a river that is seen to meander its way across the "sky" flowing from horizon to horizon... In the vast emptiness stretching out beyond our solar system, a mining expedition despatched from the ship encounters mysterious revelations on an ice world... At journey's end, the 2,000th generation from Earth eventually gets greeted by the warm sunshine coming from three suns...

Animated Trailer Edit

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First Ark to Alpha Centauri Trailer in AVI format01:32

First Ark to Alpha Centauri Trailer in AVI format


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