Irene (and her friend Razia) are a couple of eight year old girls who lived in the Centauri Princess in the 80th generation since the Ark had left Earth.

Irene is the only child of 28 year old Rujina, and a friend of Shirin's daughter, Razia. The two girls attended Redwood Junior School in the starship's Lower Province, and were fond of flying remote-controlled kites in their pastimes.

One afternoon, whilst playing in the back garden at Shirin's house on Midsummer Crescent, Irene and Razia both went missing during a sudden power outtage caused by the Wolf Angels syndrome.

Following this incidence, in The True Price of Immortality we learn that Rujina sees the two girls constantly in her dreams and they are both alive and well and very happy. In these visions, Rujina sees them playing together in the flowery meadows of a far away planet which is where they are held captive in a timeless existence by the Centaurian Wolf Angels.

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