Joseph Lexingon was a president of the United States who executed office in the 2250 AD era on planet Earth.

He was the main driving force behind the Centauri Princess interstellar ark project to New Earth, and also the first presidential ruler onboard the starship. Lexington made a brief appearance in Chapter 1 of First Ark to Alpha Centauri and his role in building the Ark and secretly coordinating its departure from high Earth orbit was later referenced as a backstory in several places in the book. His eldest son, Sebastian, went on a climatic study survey expedition to South Africa, where he first sighted the star Alpha Centauri with his own eyes whilst out walking in the snow one night.

Lexington chose the initial colony crew of some 900 people, which included himself and members of his clan, to be among the first residents of the Ark ship as it left Earth. He has been strongly rumoured to be kept in a state of hibernation somewhere inside the closely guarded Restricted Zone.

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