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Karim Yurchenko is a man of 73 years old, of Russian ancestry, who appeared in First Ark to Alpha Centauri in the 80th generation since the voyage had left Earth.

He lives in an isolated, shabby looking house on the edge of the Black Forest in the cylindrical interior's Lower Province. He is a renowned practitioner of mysticism and mediumship with great experience of all things to do with the occult, making divination a key part of his profession.

Since the Centauri Princess was voyaging through an everlasting cosmic night, deeper and far darker than the darkest moonless nights ever encountered on Earth, with surrounding interstellar temperatures perpetually frozen close to absolute zero (-273 celsius below zero), the human soul was forever being eaten away by the sheer darkness of the environment, with forces that are opposite to God's prevailing. The Centauri Princess becomes increasingly vulnerable, having ventured beyond the light dominion of the Sun. Dark supernatural influences on the occupants of the Ark are hinted at on pages 120 and 132 of First Ark to Alpha Centauri.

Yurchenko owns a pet chihuahua named Ritchie, he wears a cowboy-style hat and has shoulder length grey hair.

He had been a psychologist by professional background in his earlier years, but moved more toward mysticism with age.

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