The Navigation and Control Complex (NCC) - is a command center onboard the interstellar ark ship Centauri Princess. The facility is located 3 miles west of Central Utopia, going towards the Great Front Wall of the Ark in the Upper Province.

The NCC is headed by commander Nikolaus Zakarov, who is supported by Sharuk (second in command), Joey, Zayna, and Lucy. It comprises a central Control Room which is essentially a futuristic IT suite complete with a large wall-mounted screen at the front, giving a forward view of the Ark ship's direction of travel.

The NCC houses virtually all of the memory units and processing hardware of CPC, the ark ship's central computer. It also has a user interface to the forward-planning module of the ship's future resource requirements to be sourced from volatiles found scattered within the Solar Oort cloud. These are charted by the navigation team in conjunction with CPC and the remotely located forward monitoring nav platforms, operating up to a few light-years ahead of the mission.

In the early centuries of the voyage since the Ark departed from Earth's Solar System, the NCC was also used as a state of the art communications interface, for talking back and forth with those the Centauri Princess colony had left behind on Earth.

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