Directed by: Abdul Ahad

Screenplay by: Abdul Ahad

Produced by: TBC

Expected BBFC: 15

Tag lines: "The ultimate dream adventure awaiting humanity", "Planet Earth's first blueprint for human star travel"

Casted Roles

Character: Acted by:
Alcyone Shahela Rani
Joey Gareth Rees
Caroline Caroline Mayer
Commander Zakarov Thomas Scott
Sharuk Rashid Sunny Malik
Dr. F. Chang Bappy
Zayna Denna Giddons
Yurchenko Mike Callum
Zed Lincoln David Aston
Koolio Michael Ajih
Rujina Bhavini Doshi
Shirin Vicki Glover
Dr Azura Lucien Bartram
Lucy Katrina Slomczynski
Jack Tom Swash
Alissa Leila Reid
Irene Maisie O'Neill
Joynal Simmons TBC

Shooting Dates/Locations

Luton and Environs

Main articles:

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