Sunny malik

Sunny Malik who is to star as Sharuk

Sharuk Rashid is a 30 year old man, with an ancestry linking him back to the Indian subcontinent, who lives in the Centauri Princess in the 80th generation since the Ark had left Earth.

Handsome, with a brick-like tanned face, he works as a Navigation officer at the NCC. Sharuk proudly owns a four-wheel drive, open top rover (named "corvette" after the 20th century Earth vehicle of the same name). He loves to use the flash automobile to impress members of the opposite sex, by posing in it wearing sunglasses.

He had dated Caroline in a relationship that ended abruptly, with bitter feelings, after he started two-timing her with another girl named Zayna. Driven by hedonism and desire for higher status, more power and a bigger salary, he tries to overthrow Zakarov as the commander of the NCC so that he could gain promotion at work.

To achieve this goal, he secretly reprograms CPC's resource scheduling module which results in the Centauri Princess missing a critical rendezvous with an upcoming comet, threatening the biosphere with an impending drought. This action is spotted by Zakarov just in the nick of time, and Sharuk is then charged with criminal offences and removed from duty after being sentenced through a judicial hearing in Utopia's central Court House.

The judge was very harsh on him and didn't bother to think about his personal traits that makes Sharuk the way he is. The judge went by what was written in the computer memory without a hint of sympathy.


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